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Gov. McMaster raised $815,000 for his inauguration — more than either of Nikki Haley’s inaugurations — and all but two donations came from businesses. Businesses who donated include potential buyers of Santee Cooper, cigarette conglomerate Altria, Boeing, two payday lenders, and more. Source: P&C

The New York Times featured Joe Cunningham among other newly elected representatives with a background in the sciences. Headline: “An Ocean Engineer and a Nuclear Physicist Walk Into Congress…” Source: NYT

Thought the public utility drama was over with SCANA’s sale to Dominion? State lawmakers are promising significant changes for Santee Cooper, with options including major reforms to an outright sale. The saga continues. Source: Statehouse Report

President Trump will be honoring the Clemson Tigers at the White House on Monday. Source: WCSC

A federal lawsuit claims that MUSC fired a registered nurse after she complained about sexual harassment and assault. The suit alleges that MUSC violated Title VII by creating an abusive and hostile work environment, then fired the plaintiff after she complained. Source: WCSC