Acres of pine trees that look like they were cut in half from #charlestontornado with @wcbdnews2 #holycityheli

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Crews will likely be working for weeks to fully clean up damage from a tornado that ripped through Johns Island last week. Residents describe the area as a “war zone.” Source: P&C, Live 5

South Carolina Planned Parenthood clinics, threatened with closure after an investigation initiated by Gov. Nikki Haley found violations, will remain open pending further review after the organization submitted plans to address the violations and paid fines to the state. Source: AP. P&C

House Speaker Jay Lucas says work done by a panel tasked with addressing an order by the State Supreme Court that demanded state action to improve education is in jeopardy after the Court set a timetable to complete their work. The Court first heard the case challenging the state’s fulfillment of its constitutionally-mandated “minimally adequate” education standard in 1993, but did not rule on it until November of last year. Last week they ordered a plan to be put in place by February. Source: The State

Charleston County Consolidated School District voted to prioritize 17 goals from a list of 40 developed by Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait earlier this month. Source: P&C

The sole reminder of the old Cooper River Bridge, a concrete support near the on-ramp for the Ravenel Bridge, will get a colorful makeover by an interior designer who recently moved here and pitched the idea to city staff. Source: P&C

Three Confederate cannons dumped into the Pee Dee River from the CSS gunboat of the same name in 1865 to avoid being captured in Sherman’s raid on Columbia have been located in the silty bottom of the river and will be transported to the North Charleston lab where the Hunley submarine is currently being refurbished. Source: AP