[image-1] Charleston’s new flood maps, the first update in more than 14 years, may be outdated by the time they’re published next year. They have been under review since 2016 and don’t take into account data from any of the major flooding events of the past three years, including the thousand-year flood or Tropical Storm Irma. Source: P&C

According to CandyStore.com, Skittles are the most popular candy in S.C. and in the country. The top three candies bought by South Carolinians over the ten-year study (2007-2017) were Skittles, followed candy corn and hot tamales. Funnily enough, candy corn also made CandyStore.com’s list of worst candies at number two. Source: CandyStore.com / P&C

Tropical Storm Michael has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Its current forecast shows it making landfall at the Florida panhandle Wednesday morning and bringing rain to the Carolinas Thursday morning. Source: Washington Post

Gas prices are creeping up in S.C. according to GasBuddy.com. Source: ABC News 4