Charleston ranked 50 out of 182 for best city for singles according to Wallethub. Cities were given an overall score and ranking, then ranked separately by “Economics,” “Fun and Recreation,” and “Dating Opportunities.” Charleston ranked 57 on economics and unsurprisingly, scored 101 on dating opportunities and 44 on fun and recreation. Source: Wallethub

The state of S.C. has been adding HaloSan, a chemical used as a disinfectant for pools and spas, to the drinking water of Denmark, S.C., for more than ten years. Although the local and state governments believed it was safe due to HaloSan’s marketing, the chemical is not EPA or FDA-approved. Source: CNN

A sewage leak in Hollywood, S.C., that closed shellfish beds from Charleston Harbor north to the North Edisto River because of contamination is getting new scrutiny. While the amount of raw sewage originally reported to have leaked from the small town sewer system was 2.4 million gallons, Charleston water treatment reported receiving about 10.4 million gallons of wastewater less than expected. Source: P&C

The State Supreme Court is hearing a case against the City of Charleston brought on by the owner of Carolina Polo and Carriage Co., Robert Knoth, over stable regulation and the legal definition of stable. Current regulation is that there must be 100 feet between the stable and the closest residential district, while their property on Pinckney Street is reportedly six and a half feet short of that distance. Source: P&C