Charleston County School District to alter virtual school option after "overwhelming" demand.  Citing "overwhelming" demand after 12,000 students enrolled in the all-year virtual option, Charleston County School District will be making changes to the program to align the Virtual Academy with the child's home school. Source: WCSC

McMaster says mask order unenforceable, but cities already enforcing. Governor Henry McMaster has said that a statewide mask ordinance would be unenforceable, but cities enforcing ordinances say it's surprisingly easy. Source: P&C

State $1.8 billion budget surplus evaporated 'almost overnight', McMaster asks legislators not to create new budget. After the state's $1.8 billion surplus evaporated almost over night due to uncertainty around the pandemic, Gov. Henry McMaster asked state lawmakers not to make a new budget for the state and instead to fund the government based on last year's budget. Source: P&C

Poison control sees uptick in children drinking hand sanitizer. Since the pandemic started, the Palmetto Poison Center has received more calls from parents who's children ingested hand sanitizer. Source: WSPA