Local mask mandates slowing coronavirus spread. Data shows that cities — specifically, ZIP codes — with mask rules in effect have seen a “dramatic” slowing of new coronavirus cases.  Source: The State

Monitoring hurricane Isaias. Isaias (ees-ah-EE-ahs) was upgraded to be a hurricane once storm trackers found 80 mph winds. There is uncertainty in the specific path it could take and strength the storm could have as it swings by Charleston. Work on your hurricane supplies and keep an eye on official forecasts. Source: CHSWX

Herman Cain died of coronavirus. Former restaurant executive and presidential candidate Herman Cain died Thursday at 74 after being hospitalized for COVID-19. In 2012, Stephen Colbert held a rally for him mockingly in the College of Charleston’s Cistern Yard. Source: VOX [content-1]No South Carolina-Clemson football game in 2020. Thanks to altered schedules due to the coronavirus, there will not be a Carolina-Clemson football game this year. The Southeastern Conference announced their teams would be playing only conference games. Source: P&C