A clerical error at Lexington County Jail is believed to be what caused a police report that would have stopped suspected Mother Emanuel Dylann Roof from buying a gun legally. A complicated set of overlapping jurisdictions for law enforcement and prosecutors made relaying and verifying the information by FBI screeners more difficult. Source: Reuters, The State

Crews continued work on Monday to remove the cement slab where the Confederate flag once stood at the state capitol, which is set to be integrated with the grass lawn around it. Several people stopped by to gather pieces of crumbled concrete from the worksite, relics of the flag’s fenced area outside the Statehouse. Source: The State

Despite the flag’s removal, members of the Ku Klux Klan appeared on camera for WIS-TV in Columbia, saying that their planned rally in support at the Statehouse in support of the flag is still on. Gun rights activists are decrying a 30-day ban on carrying firearms within 250 feet of the Statehouse passed by Columbia City Council last week, saying the prohibition is unconstitutional. Source: News 2, Free Times, The State

P&C Opinion page: “Tragedy demands gun law review”

Fliers promoting the Klan were reportedly distributed in a predominately black North Charleston neighborhood last week. The pamphlet shows a hooded, pointing figure and says “You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake!” Several homes in the neighborhood have since posted signs in their windows saying, “We say no to the KKK.” Source: P&C

The national NAACP is calling for a federal review of North Charleston Police Department practices. The Department of Justice is already examining the Walter Scott case for civil rights abuses, but the new appeal from the NAACP calls for an overall review. Source: P&C

At the end of filing for the special election for Senate District 45 on Monday, left vacant with the June 17 murder of Sen. Clementa Pinckney, 13 candidates, 11 Democrats and two Republicans, have submitted their name for the race. A special primary will be held September 1, with a runoff if needed on September 15, and the special election will take place October 20. Source: P&C

Dollar Tree, which recently acquired Charlotte-based Family Dollar, says it will invest $100 million to build a distribution center in the Upstate that will be used to ship imports taken by train from the Port of Charleston to an inland port in nearby Cowpens. Source: CRBJ, P&C

The new president of Charleston School of Law, Joseph Harbaugh, who was also part of the team that reviewed the original owners’ proposal for the school, has been on the job for a month and says that one of his main priorities remains finding a new buyer for the school, describing the current state of things as, “toxic.” Source: CRBJ