Raniya Wright, a fifth grader, died after getting into a fight at Forest Hills Elementary School on Monday. She was reportedly knocked unconscious during the fight and the exact cause of her death is being determined by an autopsy, set for Friday. Reportedly at least 200 people gathered in Walterboro for a vigil for her. Source: P&C/AP

On Thursday in D.C., representatives including S.C.’s first district’s Joe Cunningham, filed a bill that would permanently ban offshore drilling and seismic testing. Source: P&C

As if climate change wasn’t enough of a bummer itself, it’s lengthening the time mosquitos are active, with an extra month of activity expected by 2050. Source: NPR

State Senator Dick Harpootlian delayed the S.C. senate’s debate on offering the Panthers tax incentives to come to the state. Source: The State

Adam Gorlitsky, who relies on a robotic exoskeleton to walk, completed 17.2 miles of the Los Angeles Marathon. Source: Moultrie News