Starting next month, more than 200,000 teachers and local and state government employees will see more of their pay go toward an under-performing state pension fund. Source: P&C

Congressman Jim Clyburn and other House Democrats are nearing hour 24 of a sit-in on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, hoping to force a vote on a ‘no fly, no buy’ gun reform measure following the latest deadly mass shooting in Orlando.A bipartisan group of U.S. senators, including Lindsey Graham, support a similar Senate compromise. Source: P&C, SC Radio, NYT

As the sit-in began, House Republican leaders to shut off the C-SPAN cameras in the chamber, prompting leaders of the Capitol Hill cable network to instead show video streamed from mobile devices of members of Congress live from the House floor. It was the first time C-SPAN had ever shown such video. Source: NYT


Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is reportedly near the top of Hillary Clinton’s VP list. Kaine is also the former mayor of Richmond, the state’s former governor and led the DNC from 2009-2011. Source: Politico

A new gate system installed last weekend is still causing traffic delays for container trucks making their way to the Wando Welch Terrminal in Mount Pleasant. Source: CRBJ

The University of South Carolina is planning to do away with the pledging process by fraternities and sororities on campus, working away from the hazing, drugs, and alcohol commonly associated with the process to join a Greek organization. Source: The State