The Agenda is our daily news roundup of stories affecting South Carolina.

NOAA says that the upcoming storm season could be ‘above normal’ for South Carolina and the U.S. Source: P&C

Yesterday, some time after Gov. Henry McMaster visited with German trade officials at BMW North America in Greer to underscore the importance of the business relationship between S.C. and Germany, President Donald Trump reportedly told a top EU leader that “the Germans are baad, very bad.” Source: Greenville News, USA Today

Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham got into it a bit yesterday when Mulvaney visited the Hill to discuss the president’s new budget. Graham disputed proposed cuts to overseas diplomatic ‘soft power’ missions, while Mulvaney said the president was just making good on his campaign promises. Source: McClatchy

Congressman Mark Sanford said that the political climate created by President Donald Trump has set off incidents like the one in Montana this week where a Republican candidate in a special congressional election is said to have roughed up a reporter. Sanford says the current political mood has seen some “demons unearthed.” The candidate, Greg Gianforte, went on to win the election Thursday. Source: Washington Post

CNN put Congressman Jeff Duncan on notice Thursday when he falsely accused the network on Facebook of retracting a story he disagreed with. Duncan altered the post to soften his language in response. Source: P&C


South Carolina is adding an alternate teaching certification to the set of requirements acceptable to teach in state schools, with the newest one requiring no education coursework and a one-year internship period. Source: P&C