Orangeburg lawyer Bill Connor, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, cut the first TV ad of the election cycle, posting it online yesterday with an extended version making a fundraising pitch to supporters. [The State, YouTube]

The divorce proceedings of state Rep. Andy Patrick has attracted the attention of the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service, who are investigating possible counterfeit currency involving Patrick’s security contracting firm. Patrick was an agent for the Secret Service for 10 years, the agency that investigates counterfeit money. [AP, The State]

Gov. Nikki Haley continued pounding the drum against evil labor unions yesterday at an event in the Upstate, “We discourage any companies that have unions from wanting to come to S.C.” Haley’s Democratic opponent, state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, agreed that the state should remain a right-to-work state, but wasn’t as resolute in blocking all unions. [The State]

State Rep. Garry Smith is seeking to punish the College of Charleston and USC Upstate over summer reading assignments of “books on homosexuality.” The proposal would cut $52,000, the amount the school says it spent on the books, from their state budgets. Charleston state Rep. Jimmy Merrill on the proposal: “This might make us feel better, but it’s kind of stupid.” [Gawker, AP, The State]

The stars and bars flew upside down in front of the state Department of Education yesterday, a move which typically is a distress signal. WIS: “It is unclear who was responsible for the display or if it was done on purpose.” [WYFF/WIS]

Don’t sleep on almanacs: The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted snow showers would hit the American Southeast over January and February of this year. [Sumter Item]

Progress is being made this week on a proposed ethics reform bill, which lawmakers are purportedly working to alter to make enforcement and investigation more effective. [The State]

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was in the Holy City last night for an event at the Charleston Library Society. [P&C]

From the P&C Editorial pages: “End lawmakers’ excessive influence on Aviation Authority” [P&C]

Turns out that every single Boeing-related factory can’t locate in the Lowcountry, with a Japanese carbon fiber manufacturer announcing a $1 billion plant in Spartanburg County this week. [P&C, CRBJ]

Some along the Grand Strand are worried that school make-up days could eat into spring break vacations, a prime early-season booster for the region. [AP]