National prosecutors are joining S.C. leaders’ push to block cellphone signals within prisons, a proposal the FCC has yet to move forward. Source: AP

$58 million: The amount spent by S.C. colleges and universities on travel, with Clemson coach Brett Venables racking up a $112,000 bill for travel from the state. Source: The State

Charleston County Schools will spend more than $43 million to build a new Center for Advanced Studies in North Charleston after it demolishes the neighborhood school’s football stadium with plans to move to a new unbuilt regional stadium. Source: P&C

The Charleston area is sitting two pedestrian deaths shy of last year’s total, and local police say that “not always, but generally” it’s pedestrians who are at fault. Source: P&C

Joining law enforcement agencies in Greenville and Richland Counties, Summerville police will appear on “Live P.D.,” the Friday night TV show that shows (usually live) feeds of police operations in select cities. Flowertown PD’s appearances won’t be live, but department leaders hope the deal helps in “humanizing” police. Source: P&C

P&C headline: “To raise or raze historic, flood-prone homes?”