Charleston County has offered to pay $33 million to settle a lawsuit brought after County Council cut short a 25-year lease in the old North Charleston Naval Hospital with a development company whose investors include Donald Trump Jr. The Trump-backed company paid just $5 million for the building when it bought it from the City of North Charleston just a few years earlier. County Council Chairman Vic Rawl says that if the settlement is accepted, the county would pay for it with bonds. Source: P&C

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham was joined by Senate colleagues (and at least one Senate groupie, Rick Santorum) on Wednesday to announce what he calls the “best and only chance” to repeal Obamacare. Graham’s plan would eliminate the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act and send federal health care dollars to state politicians to spend as they’d like to manage health care markets for their citizens. Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders also unveiled a polar opposite plan that would effectively expand Medicare to cover all Americans. Graham called his plan Sanders’ “worst nightmare.” Source: P&C, Vox, NYT

It looks like damage from Irma to Edisto Beach and Hunting Island State Parks will close them for a while. Erosion from the storm also likely washed away one-third of the state’s remaining sea turtle nests. Source: The State, P&C

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott met with the president yesterday and said that he started their talk with direct discussion of Trump’s reaction to white supremacist protests in Charlottesville and the violence that resulted in the death of an anti-alt-right protester. Shortly after the meeting, a White House spokesperson said Scott never expressed ‘displeasure’ with Trump’s reaction. Scott: “I certainly started my comments on why I found the president’s comments unsettling.” Source: NYT, P&C


One state watchdog group is pushing for the repeal of the Base Load Review Act, which allowed state power companies to pre-charge customers to finance the construction of the VC Summer nuclear project which ended up being abandoned. Source: Columbia Regional Business Report