Sam Spence

[image-1] Crews are working to remove Calhoun statue. Crews started working to take down the Calhoun statue last night after City Council voted unanimously to remove it. People gathered in Francis Marion to celebrate and see him taken down. At the time of writing, after several delays, he was still upon his perch. Source: City Paper

Study shows why reopening may not save the economy. Consumer spending has dropped nearly 70 percent in rich ZIP codes and 30 percent in poorer ZIP codes, according to a new Harvard study looking at the economic impact of the coronavirus shutdowns. This makes the current recession different. The fall in revenue led to businesses in the rich ZIP codes to lay off 70 percent of employees, most of those low-income individuals. The study found the stimulus checks mostly failed, and the small business loan program didn't save jobs. And the study found that state-led reopenings did not boost the economy either. Source: NPR

Scott leads Republicans on race. Tim Scott is now a leading Republican voice on race after spending most of his career reluctant to focus on it. In an interview with the Associated Press, he says he has been pulled over 18 times, including once this year for what he called "driving while Black." Source: AP

Nancy Mace tests positive for coronavirus. After finding out one of her staffers had been exposed, Republican congressional candidate Nancy Mace was tested and found out she had the coronavirus. Mace had been criticized after her June 9 primary win for not social distancing during her victory event. Source: P&C