Cunningham calls for mask requirement. Yesterday U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham tweeted that South Carolina needs a temporary statewide mask requirement and that the state cannot afford another shutdown. Some S.C. city officials have already passed a temporary mandate. Charleston will consider theirs on Thursday night.

Coronavirus spending. As South Carolina set a new daily record for coronavirus cases — 1,291 — lawmakers approved spending $1.2 billion federal coronavirus relief on five extra days of school, unemployment and creating a stockpile of protective equipment. Source: AP

False negatives. Scientists tell restaurants not to depend just on testing for employee safety, citing the unknowns about false negative results in asymptomatic carriers. Source: P&C

S.C. spends $2.5 billion on coronavirus unemployment. The South Carolina Department of Education and Workforce said that since mid-March when the coronavirus pandemic reached the state, they have paid out more than $2.5 billion on unemployment benefits. Source: Live 5

Port punch. The Port of Charleston was on track for its fourth record year until the coronavirus hit. It will come up short of cargo expectations when the fiscal year ends June 30, and approved a budget that predicts a 7 percent decline in container freight. Source: P&C