A sniper shot and killed five police officers and wounded seven others as protesters were gathered in Dallas last night in a demonstration against police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. Police say the suspect “wanted to kill white people.” Source: NYT

S.C. State Rep. Justin Bamberg, an attorney from Bamberg County who represented Walter Scott’s family, has signed on to represent the family of Alton Sterling, an African-American man from Baton Rouge shot during an altercation with police. Source: P&C, The State

Seven states including S.C. have increased the amount they spend on state prisons five times faster than spending on education. Source: Reuters

The state Secessionist Party plans to protest the one-year anniversary of the Confederate flag’s removal from the Statehouse on Sunday by raising the banner on the capitol grounds using a temporary flag pole. Source: SC Radio

After sifting through thousands of pages of emails sent to Gov. Nikki Haley after the Emanuel AME shooting, the paper says the governor responded to many notes with one of two pre-written responses. Source: P&C