Davis won’t challenge Graham for Senate seat, Bright might
Influential conservative state Senator Tom Davis said Friday that he would not mount a widely-speculated challenge to Sen. Graham, a contest where he had emerged as the leading candidate to unseat Graham, who has beem unafraid to ruffle feathers of his conservative colleagues. On Monday, FITS News reported that, according to sources, state Sen. Lee Bright is plotting a challenge to Graham.
Sources: Hilton Head Island Packet, FITS News

How low can Sanford’s negatives go?
Former governor Mark Sanford’s shortcomings are already well known, but is there more that could make his negative traits more harmful?
Sources Politico, FITSNews
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Kuhn hopes business, political experience will work in his favor

Former Furman standout Clint Dempsey staying busy
American midfielder Clint Dempsey, who spent time playing at Furman University, is splitting his busy schedule between English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur and the U.S. national team.
Sources: New York Times

Charleston-area drivers pledge no strike while talks continue
As talks resume on Monday between bus driver union reps and Durham School Services, drivers say there will be no strike as long as talks between the two parties are ongoing.
Sources: Post and Courier

787s remain grounded but batteries in question can fly, Boeing engineers consider a strike
With the jet-maker apparently working around the clock to address battery issues that have grounded their highly-anticipated 787 Dreamliner, Boeing engineers are considering a strike.
Sources: The State/AP, Washington Post/AP

Myrtle Beach-bound interstate remains unbuilt despite well-financed support
The proposed Interstate 73 leg into Myrtle Beach has yet to be built despite the well-financed, well-connected support behind it for years.
Sources: Myrtle Beach Sun News

Charleston girds for defense cuts
Charleston, with 250 companies that depend on defense department contracts, could become a national poster child for an economy grappling with defense budget cuts and drawdowns in foreign military conflict.
Sources: USA Today