Mignon Clyburn, the daughter of Congressman Jim Clyburn, is “making her mark” as the acting director of the FCC, the post she’s held since Julius Genachowski’s departure in May. Mignon is the first woman to head the agency and was the first African-American woman to sit on the commission. [Politico]

In the first statement since Veronica’s transfer to the Capobiancos early this week, Dusten Brown says he’s “heartbroken” to be without his daughter. Today, Charleston County released an updated tally of how much taxpayer money has been spent so far to send law enforcement to Oklahoma. The total so far: $14,000. [AP, P&C]

Even though he’s been out of the U.S. Senate for nine months, former Senator Jim DeMint has kept a visible presence in politics as director of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. [NPR]

Corey Hutchins runs down what you need to know as federally managed health insurance exchanges prepare to open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. [CP]

A year after the 2012 state security breach, the state Department of Consumer Affairs says it plans to open a new identity theft division. [The State]

Cleanup has begun in Georgetown after Wednesday’s early morning fire, which the town police chief called “Georgetown’s worst nightmare.” [Georgetown Times]

A tractor trailer full of pigs turned over in Greenwood last night, sending as many as 200 porkers to graze along the roadside as police brought in horses to corral the pigs, which were set to go to the Carolina Pride processing plant nearby. [WIS-TV]

IPO filings by Southeastern Grocers LLC, the parent company of Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie, shed some light on what the company paid in its acquisition of a handful of Piggly Wiggly stores last week. [P&C]