A judge hears a change of venue request from defense attorneys for Michael Slager today. Jury selection is scheduled to start on Oct. 31. Source: AP

Answering Donald Trump’s refusal to say he’ll accept results of the presidential election and that the contest will be rigged, Gov. Nikki Haley said yesterday, “This election is not rigged, and it’s irresponsible to say that it is.” Source: P&C

DHEC is blaming an unnamed staffer for language that got into proposals for state abortion law changes, specifically saying that lawmakers did not add the proposals that would have required some women to get their husbands’ permission and take an STD test before legally having an abortion. Source: P&C

But the P&C’s Brian Hicks isn’t buying it: “Who knew the South Carolina Legislature had so much medical expertise?”

Planners of the massive Lorelei mixed-use real estate development will unveil their designs for the high-end site at the eastern end of Romney Street that could one day include about 4,000 homes and space for businesses. Source: P&C

North Charleston officials are generally in favor of a plan to redevelop a former shopping mall site to include a new grocery store on lower Rivers Avenue, but they want more info. Source: P&C

In Abbeville, S.C., where one of the first secession proposals was signed and where Jefferson Davis plotted the final days of the Civil War, the local town council has approved a memorial marking the site of the brutal 1916 lynching of a black man. Source: AP

In an op-ed published by the P&C, Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey says “I am 100 percent for the 526 extension and always will be” despite secretly recorded meetings that appear to capture him ‘playing both sides.’