Congressman Mark Sanford says that President Donald Trump sent OMB director Mick Mulvaney (former S.C. congressman) to deliver a message from the president that he vowed to find a primary challenger for Sanford if he voted against the Republican administration-backed Obamacare repeal. Source: P&C

Candidates running in the 5th Congressional district special election to fill the seat left by Mulvaney are on the air with ads that are pro-Confederate flag and anti-compromise. Source: Rock Hill Herald

Lawmakers filed income disclosures for the first time yesterday under new ethics rules that went into effect. Source: The State

North Carolina lawmakers passed a compromise to repeal most of HB2 yesterday just as NCAA officials were set to consider sites for future tournament competition. N.C. risked being shut out over political controversy. Source: Raleigh News and Observer

NYT headline: “North Carolina’s Love of College Sports Spurred Move to Repeal Bathroom Law”

Christian Soura, head of the state Health and Human Services agency, has resigned and will join the private sector. Source: P&C

P&C headline: “North Charleston police officer demoted after sharing racially-charged video with Charleston Thug Life blog”

Congressman Jim Clyburn op-ed today: “Black colleges lead S.C. for improving higher-ed access”

A plan to build an improved North Charleston library in a combined building with social services offices instead of a dedicated building has some saying the county is not following through on plans to build new libraries. Source: P&C