[image-1] In the latest update of the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle, Dominion Energy has formally bought SCANA and the new branch will be called the Southeast Energy Group. Consumers are still on  the hook for the power-plant-that-never-was, although the average consumer will save around $270 on power over the course of a year. The retiring CEO of SCANA will receive an almost ten million dollar golden parachute while 600 employees will be let go. Source: SC Radio Network, WIS, Lexington Chronicle

Due to a rule regarding use of social media, Nikki Haley lost her Twitter account with almost 1.7 million followers and has started fresh. The State Department’s rules for social media forbids personnel from using their personal account for official business, as they have to archive their official accounts with them when they depart. Haley had used the same account since her time as the governor. At the time of writing, she has nearly two hundred and eighty thousand followers. Source: Twitter, State Department
[embed-1]While Charleston had a wet year, it was nearly two feet below the record of 78.89 inches set in 2015. However, at the Wallhalla State Fishery near Lake Jocassee — four and a half hours from Charleston — they received more than 123 inches of rain, or ten feet. Good thing fish love water. Source: P&C

NanoBebe, an Israeli company based in Charleston, is hoping to revolutionize the design of the baby bottle. Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal