A bill has been proposed in the state Senate that would prohibit photographers and hobbyists from flying “drones” equipped with cameras over private property, citing concern over privacy and property rights stemming from the popular new consumer gadgets. My take: It would probably help if we never called them “drones.” Source: Statehouse, G’ville News, Forbes

A South Carolina state law outlawing automated robo-calls has been ruled unconstitutional after it was appealed by a Republican consultant who argued charges against him for violating the law infringed on his First Amdnement rights. Source: AP

Daily Beast headline: “South Carolina’s Coming Robocall Apocalypse”

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the Post and Courier’s newest investigative package, “Left Behind,” looking at the unintended consequences of Charleston County Schools’ school choice plans’ impact on North Charleston High School. The choice options allow students to attend a school outside of their neighborhood zone. Source: P&C

But the libertarian-leaning South Carolina Policy Council’s news blog The Nerve, can’t understand what ‘unintended consequences’ the P&C is making such a fuss about. In their book, “school choice” is another term for voucher programs commonly advocated by conservative and free-market groups, programs which CCSD does not use. Source: The Nerve

A Taylors, S.C. Little League team is the first from the Palmetto State since 1950 to play in the Little League World Series. Source: NYT/AP

Ten Democrats vying to fill the state Senate seat left open by the murder of Sen. Clementa Pinckney at Mother Emanuel debated for the first time on Wednesday night at the ILA Hall in Charleston. The primary for the special election is Sept. 1 and the general election Oct. 20. Source: Beaufort Gazette

Swati Patel, who has been chief legal counsel for the governor’s office since the Sanford administration, has been named Gov. Haley’s new chief of staff. Patel is the first woman to hold the position in 45 years. Source: The State, AP

$7.72 million: That’s about the price a Virginia couple James R. Smith and Augustine D. Smith paid for the Colonel John Ashe House at 32 South Battery, the highest price ever paid for a residence downtown. Source: P&C

Labor issues at West Coast ports have benefited the Port of Charleston this summer, which saw a 13.7 percent increase in container volume compared in June compared to a year earlier. Source: WSJ

For the second time in as many years, the S.C. Court of Appeals criticized DHEC, the state environmental protection agency, for not enforcing state laws relating to a problematic nuclear waste site in Barnwell County which has leaked tritium into local groundwater. Source: The State