Dylann Roof, white supremacist and mass murderer staged a hunger strike to protest his treatment while on death row. He claims in letters to the Associated Press he has been “targeted by staff,” “verbally harassed and abused without cause” and “treated disproportionately harsh.” Source: AP

On Tuesday morning, a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy, Cpl. Andrew Gillette, was shot and killed while trying to serve an eviction notice. The man being evicted was also killed. Source: AP

On Tuesday night the Democratic candidates plead their case for the last time before South Carolina’s primary on Saturday. Many threw barbs at Bernie Sanders, the front runner, and Mike Bloomberg, who is gaining in the polls despite not being on the ballot in South Carolina. Source: The State

A study from the University of South Carolina found that one in 11 Twitter users posting about President Donald Trump was a bot. Source: P&C