$16.6 million: The reported economic impact of the eclipse a few weeks back (remember that??) Source: P&C

As Irma churns in the Caribbean, Florida residents are worried the storm could be The Big One, again,” with folks thinking back to Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Source: WaPo

Leaders in S.C. say that now is the time to make your storm preparations and pay attention to the shifting forecasts for Irma. Source: The State

Yesterday, Congress passed a $7.9 billion relief bill for Hurricane Harvey response along the Gulf coast. Source: AP

Just to show you how much of a convoluted mess the VC Summer nuclear project has become:
1) Dozens of S.C. lawmakers overseeing regulation of the project have received political donations from SCE&G’s parent company (P&C)
3) SCANA sources have told the media they felt asked to donate to Gov. Henry McMaster’s campaign last year (Lexington Cty. Chronicle)
3) SCANA’s CEO wondered in company emails whether the project’s main contractor “ever had any real intent” to finish it (P&C)
4) S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen, one of the main Democratic voices in the Senate, may have to recuse himself on debate over the project as he represents SCE&G customers who are suing over bills they’ve paid on a power plant that will never be built (The State)

Greenville News editorial: “The fate of Confederate monuments should reside with local residents”