A new PBS documentary looks at practicality of school choice and other education policy changes in rural areas, focusing on Hartsville, South Carolina, “about two hours from anywhere you’ve ever heard of.” Source: WaPo, PBS

As part of comprehensive ethics reform proposals floating through the Senate, Ethics Commission executive director Herb Hayden pointed out that ethics complaints brought against lawmakers but are dismissed would not become public. The SCEC has also hired a new attorney, Michael Burchstead, a former deputy in Attorney General in Alan Wilson’s office. Source: The State

Under pressure from Gov. Nikki Haley, the Republican-controlled House is looking at cutting in half a proposal to borrow more than $500 million to pay for capital projects in the state. House Democratic leader Todd Rutherford called the governor “a selfish, vindictive narcissist” with an eye on her political aspirations, while a Haley aide called Rutherford’s comments “hate speech” hiding “the bankruptcy of his ideas.” Source: The State

A Senate committee looked at a bill yesterday that would allow for the legal operation of Uber and similar services in South Carolina, focusing mostly on insurance required for drivers. Source: The State

Bloomberg’s Dave Weigel jerks the leash on Lindsey Graham takedowns posted in recent days, highlighting how an off-hand joke can turn into, in this case, a full-scale coup against the government. Source: Bloomberg, Vox

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who’s heading up a committee looking into the Benghazi attacks, and is pushing for a third-party review of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, told the AP, “It’s not up to Secretary Clinton to decide what is a public record and what is not.” Source: WSJ, AP/NYT

An even 1,000 homes were sold in the Charleston area over February 2015, the first time the region had seen four-digit sales since February 2006. Source: P&C

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is in town today to discuss professional ethics during a leadership seminar at The Citadel. Source: CRBJ

As Winthrop University winds down its search for a new president, CofC Business School Dean Alan Shao has removed his name from consideration. Source: Rock Hill Herald

The Post and Courier is out today with a new series examining infant mortality in South Carolina, which in some areas and demographics is comparable to third-world countries. Source: P&C