• Jonathan Boncek, Governor’s office
  • Colbert Busch, Sanford, and Platt appear on today’s special election ballot

Election Day – Polls are open in the 1st District today until 7pm. To find out if you live in the district, visit scvotes.org. The media scrutiny around the race has ramped up in the past few days as polls show the race tightening in favor of Mark Sanford (CP). In addition to hosting scads of national reporters, the candidates have spent the last few days criss-crossing the district in search of votes. Sanford has even taken to commandeering reporters’ rental cars (BuzzFeed) between campaign stops to squeeze in time for an interview and running into traffic (NBC News) in search of a sympathetic voter to challenge a reporter’s assumption that women could be against him. The polls may be hinting at momentum for Sanford, but even if Elizabeth Colbert Busch could pull out a win, would she be able to hold the seat? (538/NYT)

Beach – Ahead of the Charleston County Council meeting where members are expected to vote down (CP) the proposed Kiawah River Plantation TIF, Beach Co. officials say they will likely move forward (CRBJ) with altered plans for the Johns Island development. With zoning already in place for 1,000+ units, Beach CEO John Darby says some things may change, but “those are things we will evaluate over the next couple years.”

Drill baby, drill – Gov. Nikki Haley joined governors (SC Radio) from Texas, N.C., Alabama, Mississippi, and Alaska at an offshore drilling conference in Houston on Monday to push for support for loosening offshore drilling rules and regs put in place after the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

737 MAXAccording to job listings (CRBJ) for Boeing S.C., the company is planning to station about 20 employees at the company’s North Charleston campus who will be responsible for designing a portion of the new 737 MAX passenger jet.

Chs. Schools – Read the inspirational story (CP) of Burke High School junior January Little, who has overcome abuse, poverty, being put in foster care, and more to be on his way to college with help from a scholarship earned through a life-skills training program in Charleston schools. Little served as the emcee at last week’s State of the Schools ceremony for Charleston County School District.