The RGA says it will go on the air soon with its first TV ad this cycle, in support of Gov. Nikki Haley. S.C. Dem spox Kristin Sosanie’s take: “Nikki Haley’s in deep trouble and clearly the RGA knows it.” [WaPo]

Sighted in the NYT: A Lee Bright supporter in a piece about the rabble-rousing tea party wing of the Republican party, now five years old. [NYT]

S.C. is part of a nationwide tipping point as states debate marijuana legalization. [NYT]

Huffington Post headline: “RADICAL”, in a story about U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles, who works cases in South Carolina, about his strategy fighting drug crime without an emphasis on jailtime. [HuffPo]

Berkeley County Schools says it’s spent more than $127,000 on the legal wranglings over Communications Director Amy Kovach’s indictment on an ethics charge related to a 2012 referendum. [P&C]


The feds have approved seismic testing for oil and natural gas off the East Coast. [P&C]

The College of Charleston Board of Trustees are holding a special meeting today to discuss the presidential search. [P&C]

From the opinion pages: “Stop playing politics with CofC choice” [P&C]

The state says it wants to figure out the ice problem on the Ravenel Bridge, but doesn’t want to spend a whole lot to do it. [P&C]

The state Senate passed an ethics reform bill yesterday that tightens some of the rules for ethics oversight, but strips an early version of an independent commission to investigate lawmakers that would replace the current system of lawmakers investigating themselves. The State is also taking up a series of reforms this week. [P&C]

Both Gov. Nikki Haley and state Sen. Vincent Sheheen blasted the bill, but for different reasons. [The State]

A proposal being debated in the state House would strengthen mandatory minimum sentences for first-time domestic abusers, including giving the state the ability to take guns away from offenders. [The State]

New nickname for state Sen. Greg Hembree, earned during a debate over industrial hemp: “Sen. Snoop Dogg” [AP]