Florentine’s Jeopardy run – Wofford grad and Florence native Ben Ingram’s eight-day reign (State) in the winner’s spot on Jeopardy came to an end last night, but not before winning $176,534 (WBTW-TV) and notching a spot in the show’s pantheon of winners as the fifth-longest win streak in its history. Here’s ben talking about “effin history” last week, smirking as he responds “What is Florence?” (the Tuscan one.)

Fort Jackson general relieved – After being suspended in May, triggering an investigation into charges of adultery and a physical altercation, Fort Jackson commander Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts was relieved of his position Thursday (WaPo) at the Columbia base, one of the Army’s largest training outposts.

Scandal schmandal – Mark Sanford’s rise, fall, and resurrection has prompted comparisons (State/McClatchy) to New York pols Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, who have both seen falls from grace in recent years, “Where’s the shame?” asks McClatchy writer David Lightman.

Women in business – Well wouldyalookatthat! The fine folks from The Orange Spot Coffeehouse, the cozy new Park Circle shop, are gracing the front page of the P&C website this morning in a great piece discussing local women jumping into business. (Full disclosure: Orange Spotter Laura is also a City Paperer.)

Park at Cosgrove bridge – The spit of dirt and gravel at the foot of the Cosgrove Bridge over the Ashley River, a popular spot for crabbers and cast nets, will soon become a new city park (P&C) complete with a community kayak and fishing dock.