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Charleston Police Department announced that it arrested a 29-year-old suspect in last Friday’s shooting outside a King Street bar. An upset bar patron upset over the bar’s mandatory 11 p.m. closing time reportedly fired a gun outside the bar, wounding a bar employee. Source: Live 5 News

Folly Beach has passed its first reading of a proposal that would ban smoking on the beach. Source: P&C

Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds was among those who testified Wednesday against a proposal to allow open gun carry in the state of South Carolina. Source: AP

Florence Morning News headline: “Lindsey Graham joins Bernie Sanders to question Joe Biden’s office of management and budget pick”

Sanders and Graham are on opposing sides of proposals to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, a policy President Joe Biden is under pressure to deliver on. Source: Politico

The Washington Post: “State and local GOP committees attack any Republicans who dare turn on Trump”

On Tuesday, the S.C. Senate voted unanimously to approve a joint resolution that would expedite vaccines for teachers in the state as political leaders urge students back into public school classrooms. Source: City Paper, AP

The Washington Post editorial: “Trump’s trial has crystallized the horror of Jan. 6. The Senate must convict him.”

ALSO: Have you noticed all the catalytic converter thefts in The Blotter? Thieves are after the precious metal palladium that each of the parts contain. Source: NYT