Photo by Jagoda Kondratiuk on Unsplash

Clemson professors warn that Russian-connected disinformation campaigns are targeting South Carolinians and Charleston, create a game to spot trolls. Patrick Warren and Darren Linvill, Clemson professors and social media experts, warn that Russians are targeting South Carolina, and in particular Charleston, for disinformation campaigns. They created a game, Spot the Troll, to help social media users discern between real and troll posts. Source: P&C

DHEC says inconsistency in reported case numbers due to delayed results. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental control says that the discrepancies between the daily reported numbers is due to some labs not sending their reports on time. While the initial reports get a press release, the updated numbers do not. Source: WCSC

Two named storms in the Atlantic could have impacts on Charleston weather. With five named storms currently swirling in the Atlantic Ocean, two — Paulette and Sally — could have impacts on Charleston’s weather. Potential impacts include rip currents and thunderstorms later this week. Source: P&C

State lawmakers added $44 million in “hidden” funds to the budget. An investigation into the state’s budget by The State revealed $44 million was added quietly to benefit lawmakers’ districts, including $7.3 million for Sumter County, population 106,000. Projects unknowingly funded by state tax payers include a new health clinic, $1 million for local parks, a new shooting range for a city police department and more. Source: The State