A federal judge has decided that George Sink Jr. can not use his name to market his new law firm because it would be confusing to consumers thinking they are getting the original George Sink. Source: P&C

Some S.C. news for you: after narrowly missing jail time for a felony charge of impeding a federal investigation, former Department of Transportation commissioner John Norton Hardee was charged with soliciting a prostitute. Source: AP

Get to know some of the volunteers who take care of 95 of the city’s thousands of storm drains. The city’s program allows residents to volunteer to mind a drain, usually removing yard waste and debris. Source: P&C

The personal data of 824 Charleston County employees was exposed after a human resources employee sent an email to the wrong person that contained employee names, birthdays, social security numbers, genders, salaries, and hire dates. Source: Live 5

A group of terns, an endangered species, has nested on Isle of Palms in Wild Dunes. The birds usually look for more secluded places to nest, astonishing biologists. The acrobatic birds have seen a 30 percent decline in their population in the past 30 years. Source: P&C