[image-1] The director of . DMV is urging South Carolinians to get their REAL ID-compliant licenses ahead of the Oct. 1 2020 deadline. He predicts they will see six-hour lines after the deadline because enough people aren’t getting them ahead of time. Source: AP

S.C.’s Department of Corrections is adopting the Vera Institute of Justice’s Restorative Promise Initiative, which uses mentors, classes, and community meetings to try to change the prison experience. The program’s aim is to curtail inmate violence and teach incarcerated individuals life skills and nonviolent coping mechanisms. The S.C. program is the second one instituted in the country. Source: The State

The City of Charleston is limiting its fire truck responses to just life-threatening medical calls. Currently, fire trucks are dispatched for all medical calls, even minor ones. The new policy will dispatch fire trucks if the wait time for EMS is more than ten minutes. Source: P&C

The director of the Cooper River Bridge Run, Julian Smith, is stepping down after 24 years at the helm. He announced last year he was struggling with brain cancer. Source: P&C