[image-1]Governor Henry McMaster’s proposed budget suggests dollar amounts for all of the promises he made in his inauguration speech. The budget would give S.C. teachers a raise to 5 percent above the Southeastern average, give colleges who freeze tuition for S.C. students $36 million, and would refund taxpayers $200 million. Source: P&C

On Tuesday in the Statehouse, anti-abortion advocate Steve Lefemine argued against hanging a photo of the General Assembly’s female lawmakers, saying among other nonsense, that women are unfit to serve in public office, according to the Bible. Source: The State

Berkeley County authorities have seized 896 pounds of marijuana, worth about $4 million, from a warehouse in Hanahan. That’s a lot of green. Source: Berkeley Independent

A shoe and an oxygen mask washed up on a Garden City Beach which may be connected to the plane that disappeared off of Charleston’s coast in October. Source: WCSC

Despite the S.C. Department of Transportation’s “Pothole Blitz,” the S.C. Policy Council-backed Nerve news site reviewed five years of records and noted that fewer potholes are being reported — and repaired — than in the past. From fiscal 2016 through fiscal 2018, there were 411 reports of “large” potholes, 70 calls involving “sinkholes,” and 24 requests to fix “massive” potholes. Source: The Nerve

A new law requires hospitals to list the prices for services, but experts doubt that the information would be very useful for consumers. Source: P&C