[image-1] On Monday, Gov. Henry McMaster ordered the closure of the state’s beaches, boat ramps, and access points to waterways. The order was due to police having to break up large gatherings of people over the weekend, so like a disappointed dad (not angry, just disappointed), McMaster had to take it away from everyone. Source: AP

While 41 of S.C.’s 46 counties have cases of COVID-19, the other five counties think they have positive cases — they just haven’t gotten the results yet. Source: P&C

Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. are now ordering citizens to stay home. Three in four people nationally are under stay at home orders. Source: NYT

Meteorologists are warning that there could be severe weather, including torrential rain and hail, Tuesday evening. Specifically, they are warning between 5-10 p.m., and are telling residents to be on the look out for downed trees and power lines. Source: P&C