U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says that the American people deserve to know if President Donald Trump is under investigation, “He is not above the law,” Graham says. Sen. Tim Scott, for his part, is content to let his colleagues dig into the issue, but isn’t alarmed about confusion over the facts presented by the president: “A lot of contradictions in the last few months (from the administration), so unfortunately that’s not so concerning at this point.” Source: P&C

Former U.S. senator and Heritage Foundation leader Jim DeMint and Congressman Joe Wilson say they support former S.C. Rep. Ralph Norman in Tuesday’s special election primary runoff in the 5th District. Source: The State

Gov. Henry McMaster delivers the commencement address today at S.C. State University, a move that some students at the historically black college have objected to and former S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers says is a ‘political ploy.’ Earlier this week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was booed loudly while trying to give the commencement at Bethune-Cookman, a historically black college in Florida. Source: P&C, CNN

The irrigation practices of some large industrial farms in the Midlands may be regulated by DHEC if it approves a measure that would require permits in order to pull water from the ground. Source: The State

Charleston County schools are working to train teachers to recognize the Gullah language in an effort to better-educate students who speak the dialect. Source: P&C

P&C columnist Brian Hicks accuses Gov. Henry McMaster of playing politics in choosing to veto a gas tax bill in a calculated move to win votes from conservatives by going on the record against a tax he never actually wanted to kill. Source: P&C