Citing Ashley Hall incident, Graham to introduce gun legislation to step up background checks
Talking at length about the incident at Ashley Hall School involving Alice Boland, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters yesterday that he planned to introduce separate gun legislation to what the president and Democrats are planning, his focusing on increased scrutiny in federal background checks. Graham says that with more focused background checks, incidents like the one at Ashley Hall can be prevented.
Sources: Politico, Post and Courier, Beaufort Gazette, Press conference YouTube
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Retired Justice O’Connor to speak at Charleston School of Law
Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will speak at a CSOL symposium on the separation of church and state which is open to the public on April 15. Tickets will be $25. The forum comes just a day before the Charleston-originated ‘Baby Veronica’ case is set to be argued before the Court.
Sources: Post and Courier, AP

State legislature discusses gun reforms
A state Senate subcommittee unanimously advanced a bill that would guarantee members of the state ‘unorganized militia’ (that’s you, me, and everyone) the right to buy an assault weapon just in case we have to take up arms to defend our Palmetto homeland against enemies Tar Heel or Peach Stater. Lawmakers are also looking at laws that would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry their weapons in more public places such as restaurants and bars.
Sources: The State (Assault weapons), The State (Carry laws), AP

Sanford running to regain seniority
If elected, former Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford would likely regain the senority he accrued in his previous terms as a 1st District representative from 1995-2001. A congressman’s seniority directly influences their committee and leadership assignments within their respective parties.
Sources: Post and Courier
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Teach for America will double its Charleston footprint next year
Charleston County schools could be getting a lot more Teach For America corps teachers in the coming years—at least 30 more next year and up to 45 more over the next two years under a new plan.
Sources: Post and Courier

‘Life of Pi’ splishes, splashes recorded off S.C. coast
An interesting tidbit out of a look behind the scenes at director Ang Lee’s Oscar nominated ‘Life of Pi’, sound engineer Eugene Gearty floated off the S.C. coast to record some of the open water noises you’ll hear in the whirlwind film adaptation of the novel many were skeptical could be adequately translated onto the big screen.
Sources: New York Times