U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham said Tuesday that a meeting between President Donald Trump’s son Donald Jr. to discuss information from a Russian official should never have been held, calling it the most direct evidence yet … that the Russian government was interested in helping the Trump campaign.” Congressman Trey Gowdy also said the latest news raises worries over “the amnesia of people that are in the Trump orbit.” Source: NYT, P&C, SC Radio

Speculation emerged yesterday that Graham could be working on his own health care reform bill that could attract some bipartisan support. Source: The State

For his part, Gov. Henry McMaster sent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell his own ‘wish list’ for health care reform, which includes removing requirements to buy health insurance and a “free market accommodation for pre-existing conditions.” Source: P&C

The P&C editorial board calls the potential revival of the I-526 project a “Misguided road ‘priority.'”

Members of Mt. Pleasant Town Council voted 6-3 against a proposal that would allow residents decide whether to elect who represents them by district instead of at-large. Source: P&C