Lindsey Graham on his campaign for re-election yesterday: “We’re not auditioning for a reality show … We’re trying to be the best senator for the sake of South Carolina in dangerous and serious times.” [G’ville News]

An infection caused by contaminated tap water in the Upstate has infected 15 patients at Greenville Memorial Hospital, killing four patients as of Monday. [G’ville News]

A provision in state property tax law that provides an exemption to undeveloped land with marketable timber means that owners of an oceanfront property on Kiawah Island that sold for $22 million last week paid just $12.75 in property taxes last year. Next year, the land will be taxed based on the $22 million and owe five years of “roll-back” taxes, a cost that’s sometimes worked into buying negotiations. [P&C]

Petition candidate for governor Tom Ervin has hired the former spokesperson for ex-California Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger to work on his campaign. [The State]

South Carolina historian Walter Edgar, the guy who wrote the book on Palmetto State history, testified in the case between the separated local and national Episcopal diocese, a trial that will determine ownership of more than a half-billion dollars worth of church property across the Lowcountry. [P&C]

From the Opinion pages: “Haley’s latest problem with the facts” [The State]

Smart Growth America says South Carolina is the fourth-most dangerous state in the country for pedestrians. [Live 5]

New analysis of sea level rise along the East Coast shows that billions in property and infrastructure is at risk along the Carolina coast in the coming decades. [AP]