Without the support of the S.C. delegation, with the failure of S.C.’s VC Summer nuclear expansion, and with the lone remaining American nuclear project in a tenuous position, the nuclear production tax credits on which that project relied heavily, could get left off Republican tax reform proposals. Source: P&C, Bloomberg

S.C. has the third-highest rate of residents with debt in collections, according to an Urban Institute study, with 43 percent of residents. Source: WBTW

Republican state Rep. Tommy Pope (York) is proposing slashing the state’s sales tax in half, a move that would force lawmakers to make up for billions in lost revenue, but could force the state to take a long look at billions in tax exemptions it provides to special interests each year. Source: The State

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says that as of yesterday, the odds the U.S. uses “the military option” in North Korea sit at about 30 percent. But with another missile test, that could rise to 70 percent, Graham says. Source: The Atlantic

A new poll out today shows Gov. Henry McMaster sitting above 51 percent against his GOP primary challengers for next year’s governor primary. Catherine Templeton netted 21 percent and Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant came in at 8 percent. 19 percent undecided. Source: P&C

P&C headline: “Richard Quinn’s cooperation has observers asking who’s next in the S.C. Statehouse probe”

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey appears to be ready to fight the City of Charleston in court over his proposed annexation of a portion of West Ashley for development. Source: P&C

700: The number of illegal guns the City of North Charleston says its police pulled off the streets this year as the city finishes a record-high year for homicides.