Berkeley County Republican Grooms getting support from controversial anti-gay PAC
A political action committee accusing President Barack Obama of “queering” and “feminizing” the military threw its support behind Republican state Sen. Larry Grooms this week. Grooms, who’s one of a score of candidates hoping to become the next congressman from the Lowcountry, wouldn’t comment on the endorsement Wednesday or say if he’s taken financial backing from the group.
Sources: Hilton Head Island Packet
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Boeing CEO tells employees to ‘keep charging’ amid battery trouble investigation
As the FAA and other international aviation officials investigate what’s causing battery packs in Boeing 787 Dreamliners to catch on fire, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney encouraged Charleston workers to “keep charging.”
Sources: Post and Courier, Charleston Regional Business Journal, Live 5 / AP
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Charleston drivers continue negotiations with operating company, district urges prep in case of mid-day strike
As if getting 20,000+ students from home to school wouldn’t be bad enough, Charleston County School District officials are encouraging parents to coordinate emergency contingency plans in case bus drivers decide to strike while students are at school, creating a situation where students would be left at school until an parent or guardian comes to collect them.
Sources: Post and Courier
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Shem Creek woods where local kids play is now being conserved
The Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy has spearheaded an effort to formally conserve an undeveloped two-acre forest in the Shemwood II neighborhood where local kids have played for a generation.
Sources: Post and Courier

Dell’z Deli getting a second location above Crosstown
Hungry residents above the Crosstown Expressway will now be able to get their Dell’z Deli fix as the popular Cannon St. location expands to a second location on Rutledge Ave. in March.
Sources: Post and Courier