A new ACLU study says the state’s low-level summary courts often fail to inform defendants of their right to counsel or refuse to provide counsel, leading the poor to be underrepresented in court. Source: Spartanburg Herald Journal

Gov. Nikki Haley told reporters yesterday that she thinks the blow-up between Attorney General Alan Wilson and Solicitor David Pascoe is “an embarrassing mess” and that the courts intervene to resolve it soon. Asked about his deputy’s apparent attempt to work with SCGOP chair Matt Moore to smear Pascoe, a Democrat, before Wilson removed the solicitor from a special ethics investigation, the attorney general denied any knowledge of his staffer’s communications and advised it to stop. Source: P&C, The State

The State op-ed by Cindi Scoppe: “Wilson, aide crossed line in attacking Pascoe”

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai was in S.C. yesterday for a ‘field hearing’ on the safety hazard that cell phones present in state prisons. Haley said she wants the state Department of Corrections to be able to block the cell signals, but they need FCC permission first. Source: P&C, SC Radio

A movement may be afoot in the state Senate to pass ethics reform soon, with newly-elected majority leader Shane Massey saying the chamber needs to restore confidence by passing a measure. A day earlier, veteran GOP Sen. Larry Martin said he would push for independent investigations of ethics violations and mandatory income disclosure. Source: Aiken Standard, P&C

Happy Masters Day, everyone. Now quick, close that Masters.com window before the boss walks by.

NYT today: “Coming home to play at last” – Local boys Kevin Kisner (Aiken) and Vaughn Taylor (Augusta) will play this week at the course they grew up minutes away from.