Gov. Nikki Haley has given about as full-throated an endorsement to Sen. Marco Rubio as a public figure can give a candidate. Haley appeared on the stump with Rubio in Chapin and appears in a TV ad released by the campaign today. Source: P&C, Politico

The State has endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Saturday’s Republican presidential primary, inviting voters to “ignore the blather of candidates without real credentials to lead the country.” Source: The State

A new outlier NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out today shows that Donald Trump’s lead has vanished and that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz now has a slight lead over the longtime Republican frontrunner. Most polls though still show Trump in the lead. Source: NYT, 538

Can’t get enough of the horserace? Are you a Mark Halperin groupie? Well, MSNBC wake-up show Morning Joe broadcast from the Market Pavilion Hotel today and will be back again tomorrow ahead of Saturday’s primary. Get there early, and get your selfie sticks ready. Source: @Morning_Joe

South Carolina African-Americans are frustrated with racial bias in the continued pressure on President Obama to delay nominating a new Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia. (Bonus: Martha Lou’s Kitchen in the lede.) Source: NYT

The state’s next chief justice could be chosen by legislators rather than by seniority on the court when Chief Justice Costa Pleicones retires this year. Justice Donald Beatty, the senior member of the Court, would normally run unopposed for the top spot, but Republican criticism of his opinions has reportedly pushed Justice John Kittredge into the race as well. Source: The State

Gov. Nikki Haley has signed a new state law that bans so-called mugshot “extortion” websites, which demand payment to remove mugshots of individuals even if they’ve been acquitted or had their charges dropped. Source: SC Radio

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg announced the formation of the Homeless to Hope Fund, a fundraising effort to help residents of local homeless encampments move from the camps as they’re dissolved by city officials, and into permanent housing. More info at Source: P&C