Accused Emanuel AME shooter Dylann Roof has requested that his right to a jury trial be waived, meaning that his defense would make their case to only the presiding judge. Roof’s defense lawyer, who specializes in high-profile death penalty cases, says prosecutors have said they’ll object. Source: The State, P&C

Former Charleston school board member Elizabeth Moffly says she wants more answers after a six month police dragnet — spurred by the death of her son, reportedly during a drug deal gone bad — netted thousands of pills, weed, and coke from a handful of downtown residents reportedly involved in dealing in the area. Source: P&C

Gov. Nikki Haley handed down 51 vetoes of budget line-items yesterday, totaling $41 million. Among the vetoes is money for a ‘study’ to consider moving the furled Confederate flag to the Lowcountry, an initiative by state Rep. Chip Limehouse which Haley calls a “veiled attempt” to create a museum for the H.L. Hunley in the Charleston area. Source: P&C

In the department of NOPE: A power outage at Carowinds last night stranded riders on several rides, including the 301-foot tall open-air swing ride Windseeker, for at least 90 minutes before crews began manually lowering the high-rise spinning ride. Source: AP, WSOC-TV