Compound metaphor of the day, courtesy of Rep. Mark Sanford: “The silver lining to this cloud of inaction is the triumph of the American system.”

Sanford voted against the Senate proposal that reopened the government Wednesday night, laying out his reasons in an op-ed in today’s P&C. [P&C]

Gov. Nikki Haley spent Wednesday in Virginia with Republican candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli, as that race enters its final weeks. The latest polls show Cuccinelli’s opponent, former Clinton advisor and Democratic Party leader Terry McAuliffe with an edge going into the home stretch. [WaPo/AP]

Orangeburg attorney and 2010 GOP candidate for lieuntenat governor Bill Connor says he’s considering joining the three-person pack to challenge U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham. [G’ville News]

Tim Scott will not be the sole African American legislator in the U.S. Senate for long, after Democrat Cory Booker’s election in New Jersey yesterday. [WaPo]

After three-and-a-half decades, the Kmart off Hwy 17 in Mount Pleasant is closing its doors. [P&C]

USC School of Law says it’s not interested in taking up Charleston Law on its offer for state schools to take over the private Lowcountry law school. USC Law recently got approval for a brand new home of its own on the Columbia campus. [The State]

DHEC says you might want to stay away from raw mollusks for a while, unless you want a bellyache. [P&C]