As violent protests erupted in Charlotte last night, Chris Singleton, whose mother was killed in the Emanuel AME shooting, tweeted a message of peace and unity. One person sustained a serious gunshot wound during Wednesday night’s protests in Charlotte. Source: P&C, Charlotte Observer


Investigations are ongoing into the fatal police shooting which touched off the protests this week, and Charlotte Police Department Chief Kerr Putney says he does not expect to release body camera footage of the incident. Source: Charlotte Observer, NYT

Gov. Nikki Haley has reportedly been in contact with North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and has pledged support for law enforcement officers in Charlotte if needed as tensions remain high in the Queen City. Source: Twitter


S.C. has joined 20 other states to stop new federal overtime regulations. Source: CRBR

The state’s new 10-point grading scale could mean that an additional 6,000 students receive lottery-funded scholarships each year at a cost of up to $50 million annually. Source: The State

A Mount Pleasant town councilman who also serves as an ex-officio member of the local Waterworks says a plan by Google to draw up to 1.5 million gallons of water a day from a local aquifer to cool its Berkeley County server farm could be a public health threat. Source: P&C

The State Supreme Court has denied a request by the Statehouse to give up supervision of a 2014 court ruling that requires lawmakers reform state education programs. Source: P&C

It looks like state prosecutors are continuing their investigation of sitting state lawmakers, which reportedly include Charleston state Rep. Jim Merrill and Rick Quinn of Lexington, both Republicans. Source: The State