It looks like two of the biggest trials in recent memory will unfold at the same time this fall as the federal trail for Dylann Roof was scheduled this week for early November, a week after Michael Slager’s state trial will open across the street on October 31. Source: P&C

Gov. Nikki Haley reluctantly signed a highway funding bill yesterday that she called “little more than window dressing” and includes billions for road repairs and a refreshed-yet-convoluted system for appointing state highway commissioners. Source: WIS-TV

The State’s Cindi Scoppe: “How the S.C. Senate sold us a fraudulent reform”

Haley also held a ceremonial news conference to celebrate a bill that limits abortion to the first 19 weeks of a pregnancy. Before asking children to gather around her as she signed the bill, Haley reportedly said she was ratifying the measure, passed by the male-dominated legislature, not because she’s a Republican, but because she’s a mom. A leader of the pro-life Carolina Pregnancy Center says her group’s goal is to “pass every law until Roe is overturned.” Source: AP, P&C, G’ville News


The Washington National Cathedral will remove Confederate flags from stained glass windows honoring CSA Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. Source: Reuters

Answering calls from state Republican officials, the Charleston County Board of Elections has postponed a planned hearing today to consider a complaint from a Charleston attorney who says GOP candidate for state Senate Sandy Senn does not meet the residency requirements for the office. Source: P&C