975: The number of S.C. road deaths in 2016. Source: P&C

Report from the King Day at the Dome event yesterday: “Trump hangs over SC State House rally”

The story of how President-elect Donald Trump won can be seen in areas where Democratic voters didn’t turn out in the same numbers they did in previous elections. And in areas like Horry County which showed a surge in Republican votes. Source: The State

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley will answer questions from members of the U.S. Senate on Wednesday as part of a flurry of hearings for nominees slated to serve in the Trump administration. Source: P&C

Haley would succeed Samantha Power as U.N. ambassador, and the two recently discussed the challenges of the job as Haley gets set to take over the Cabinet-level post. Source: WFAE

Georgetown County state Sen. Stephen Goldfinch says environmentalists are the ones holding up state road improvements and wants those opposing infrastructure projects to be required to pay a ‘bond,’ or put money up as collateral to ensure fair dealing in order to object to a major project. (Background from 2015.) Source: Coastal Observer, SouthStrandNews.com

The City of Charleston and the Green Heart Project are working together to build an urban farm at the historic Enston Homes development off Upper King Street. Source: P&C