Once one of the most powerful politicians in the state, ex-House Speaker Bobby Harrell pleaded guilty on Thursday to six counts of violation of state law associated with campaign spending, was issued an additional four indictments, and as part of a plea agreement, is required to resign his office and cooperate with law enforcement in furhter investigations, presumably into government corruption. [The State

By late Thursday, Harrell had not yet formally withdrawn from the November general election, where he remains on the ballot, but state elections officials said that once they do receive his formal withdrawal, the phrasing of his letter will set in motion any number of procedures including to move forward with the election as is or call a special primary and start the process over again. [The State, P&C]

South Carolina is one of three states that continue to defend same-sex marriage bans despite higher court rulings throwing out similar bans. This week, in anticipation of a ruling from U.S District Court, Attorney General Alan Wilson made his case that federal courts don’t have jurisdiction over Bradacs v. Haley, which state prosecutors cite as the likely test case for S.C.’s ban. [G’ville News, AP]

Uber told Charleston airport officials on Thursday that the on-demand taxi-like service doesn’t fall under the same restrictions as licensed cabs. Airport police disagreed, citing an Uber driver ofr illegally operating at the airport, an offense carrying a $437 fine. [P&C]

Over the past few weeks, Gov. Nikki Haley has filled positions that had been left vacant on a state Public Health Emergency Plan Committee that she’s required by law to consult with before declaring a public health emergency. [P&C]