The mother of a man who committed suicide by jumping from the Ravenel Bridge is asking SCDOT to extend the barrier along the Charleston-bound side of the bridge, but state Sen. Larry Grooms told a crowd Monday there the agency says there are some issues with requiring access for cable inspectors on the long span bridge. Source: P&C, Live 5

Over the weekend, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley named Jacob Lindsey the city’s new planning director. Lindsey, who also worked with departed planning chief Tim Keane in the private sector, most recently served as director of the city’s design division. Source: P&C

Greenville News headline: “Some states raising fuel taxes for roads while SC waits”

Relatives of recently deceased family members are reporting issues over rationing of death certificates because the supplier of the specialty paper they’re printed on unexpectedly shut down. Source: P&C

A new Gravis Marketing S.C. poll shows Donald Trump with a huge lead, up to 34 percent, way ahead of his next-closest opponents, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, and Scott Walker with 10 percent year. Trump and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham are both battling high unfavorability numbers though, showing some potential for GOP challengers. Source: P&C, The State

Meanwhile, almost all the Republican candidates not named Donald Trump took part in a P&C-sponsored New Hampshire forum yesterday, taking aim at Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Source: P&C

Former South Carolina Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian has reportedly signed on to a Draft Biden super PAC raising money for a potential run by the VP. Source: AP

For hs part, Lindsey Graham’s campaign manager accused the Washington Post of hiding behind “anonymous sources and salacious headlines” in their Monday “hit job” piece that said Graham was tasked with “light duty” as a longtime Air Force reservist. Source: Anderson Independent Mail

Room occupancy, room rates, and revenue per room are all up, according to state tourism officials, reporting a strong first half of 2015. Source: AP

Some power-conference football coaches are crying foul at the standard used to measure how much new “cost of attendance” stipends will add up to for NCAA athletes, with players at USC receiving $4,151 per year while Ohio State players only get around $2,600. Source: P&C

Columbia, S.C. learned the name of its new Mets-affiliate minor league baseball team today: the Columbia Fireflies. Source: The State, YouTube