Today You Learned: That horseshoe crabs can be used for medical purposes. Source: AP

Cruise ships in Mount Pleasant? A plan being floated by a local leader would allow small cruise ships to anchor in Charleston Harbor and have a ferry bring passengers on shore for pre-arranged tours. Source: CRBJ

Almost 90 percent of handguns used in crimes and recovered came from states along I-95, including the Carolinas. Source: NYT

$9.6 million: The hotel losses sustained during Hurricane Matthew. Source: P&C

But after the storm, it looks like shrimp harvests are yielding some larger specimens as white shrimp get washed out to commercial fishing grounds. Source: P&C

An effort pushed by Gov. Nikki Haley and several agency heads would help nonviolent prisoners near release get jobs before they’re freed from prison. Source: The State

Vice President Joe Biden campaign in S.C. next week ahead of the presidential election in an effort to boost Democratic turnout, especially in the 5th Congressional District, where former Biden aide Fran Person is running against U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney. Biden will stop in Sumter and Rock Hill on Tuesday. Source: P&C

Reuters has a look at presidential candidate proposals to change NAFTA, featuring Element, a Winnsboro, S.C. company that makes TVs for Wal-Mart and its nearly identical Taiwanese counterpart that sits just over the Mexican border. Source: Reuters